Medjet is the industry leader in air medical transport and crisis response memberships for travelers. The company is now offering its MedjetAssist membership program at reduced annual rates for members of the American College of Private Physicians (ACPP) and patients/members within their Direct Primary Care/Concierge Medicine environment.

Voluntary, personally-funded MedjetAssist rates are reduced by Medjet as a courtesy to ACPP.  ACPP-member practices can embed and organizationally-fund Medjet for their select member patients and realize additional savings on MedjetAssist rates based on enrolled audience size within a given practice. Such further rate reductions start at only 15 total MedjetAssist memberships.

MedjetAssist membership is all about hospital of choice medical transfer during domestic and international travel while the optional MedjetHorizon membership addresses a wide range of travel security and crisis event concerns with telephone advisory support and in-country response services to aid and assist during instances of political threat, violent crime, terrorism, natural disaster and other crisis events that occur during travel.

Mitigating health and safety risks is a vital part of travel preparation.  Consider these statistics:

  • Medical Emergencies hospitalize more than 10 million travelers per year
  • One of 30 trips abroad results in a medical emergency
  • Domestic air medical transport averages $30,000 and international cases can exceed $150,000

MedjetAssist membership provides for hospital of choice medical transfer if illness or injury occurs during domestic and international travel that requires inpatient hospital care.  Medical transfer coordinated by Medjet is at zero cost beyond the membership fee.  Medjet protection offers more control than insurance-based programs and platinum cards that offer “nearest appropriate” hospital alternatives and may require life-threatening illness or injury, subrogation, claim forms and other exclusions.

MedjetHorizon membership is optional and adds travel security and crisis response benefits to the core MedjetAssist program.  The Crisis Response Center manages telephone advisory support and coordinates in-country response services for ten listed crisis events including terrorism, violent crime, political threat and natural disaster.

ACPP Member Practices – Medjet offers reduced annual rates for member patients and internal associates on a personally-funded basis.  Under age 75, MedjetAssist individual rates are reduces to $250 per year and $375 for family protection.  Membership options are also available for persons age 75-84.

Visit or call Medjet at 1.800.527.7478, referring to ACPP. Interest in organizational, practice-funded, Medjet protection and further rates reductions?
Contact Scott Lawson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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