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Concierge Medicine Physicians have a unique opportunity to provide superior care and support services to their patients.Evidenza Precision Medicine™ is a precision medicine solutions company that provides Physicians with cutting edge, integrated, personalized and an evidence-based medicine array of services. Evidenza is a forward-thinking company bringing together these vetted cutting-edge technologies and services to the Concierge Medicine community, their patients and other Physicians around the globe.

Evidenza offers strategic direction, engagement, and relationship management vehicles deployed by professionals that understand and believe in the value and brand that ‘precision medicine’ provides to the Concierge Medicine Community.
Learn more, visit:www.beconnectedtoyourhealth.com

An overview of the services offered by Evidenza includes:

Whole Genome and Limited Genome Sequencing and Analysis –Evidenza has partnered with Sequencing.com to create an exclusive Preferred Provider Discount with Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) to offer a Whole Genome Sequencing service through a highly reputable CLIA-certified lab. ​Approximately 6-8 weeks after sending in the saliva specimen the data and reports will be available for you to access at any time via your own confidential account at Sequencing.com. This includes lifetime HIPAA-compliant storage of the genetic data and reports. The account is highly confidential and the genetic data and reports are never shared with any third party. ​ In addition to the sequencing data, you will:

Evidenza Precision Medicine (continued)

  • also receive two genetic reports focused on empowering you and your patients. The reports are easy-to-understand and actionable with a focus on enabling the personalized prevention of disease.

To Learn About Whole Genome Sequencing Test Kits and Ordering, visit: https://www.beconnectedtoyourhealth.com/genetictestkits

  • Hospital and Surgeon Quality Scores Information –Through Evidenza, Physicians can obtain data on quality scores of local hospitals and surgeons for specific procedures. This data is based upon CMS clinical outcomes data and is available on a subscription basis.
  • Description:Risk-Stratified, the score ranges from a low of 100 (sub-optimal care), up to a high of 800 (superior care), similar to a credit score. It individually measures hospitals and Physicians at the procedure level. Access to over 123,465 surgeons and 4,914 hospitals. Each provider may have multiple scores, based on the type of procedures performed.

Evidenza Precision Medicine (continued)

  • Evidence-based Medical Outcomes Data and Reports –Through Evidenza, Concierge Physicians can have access to a robust and comprehensive database of vetted clinical trials, published full text clinical studies, academic, epidemiologic and scientific studies entered into user-friendly web-based portals and databases in order to recommend the best proven treatments, therapies and diagnostics to their patients. Evidenza puts reliable evidence into the hands of Patients and Physicians to help identify the most effective and safest therapy for any medical condition.
  • To Access a Comprehensive Library of Medical Journal Articles to Find the Best Treatment for a Specific Diagnosis/Condition and read the data from these articles, visit:


  • Doc-Coverage –An evidence-based service providing physicians with clinical evidence documenting the superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended:
  • treatments or drugs that have been denied by insurance carriers. Thus far, this service has experienced 100% success in overturning insurance company denials of coverage.
  • Description: Our DocCoverage Team uses state of the art software to find, store and deliver the relevant evidence that enables patients and/or their doctors to reverse an inappropriate insurance denial.
  • Pharmacogenomics Testing (Available 2ndQuarter 2018) –Evidenza will provide physicians with a DNA-based profile of drug efficacy and probability of adverse reactions to Physicians on behalf of their patients. Assessment of the top companies providing the service is currently underway.

Catherine Sykes, CEO
Email: www.beconnectedtoyourhealth.com

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