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The healthcare movement initially labeled and widely recognized as “concierge” medicine, now often called "direct practice" or "personalized care", is almost 20 years old and growing exponentially. The common thread in our varied practice designs is a direct financial relationship between patient and physician.

Direct practice doctors provide true patient-centered care, offering more time, more attention, and a personal, welcoming medical home for members. Direct practice is helping doctors take back control of our profession and ability to care for patients, but we were in desperate need of an effective national professional society.

A New National Organization

With this in mind, and on behalf of our eight-member blue ribbon Steering Committee, I have announced the launch of a new national organization, the American College of Private Physicians, created specifically for physicians already established in active direct practices. Through a membership elected board, ACPP will network and serve the estimated 10,000 providers who are successfully running direct practices of all designs. 

Our goal is to utilize this network to determine the best practice designs for marketing, service offerings, staff training, cross coverage, business management, practice growth and other issues that will add value and quality to your day-to-day practice. We believe the benefits of your ACPP affiliation will so outweigh the cost that you will find membership a top priority near that of membership in your specialty society.

Advocacy and a strong political voice are important aspects of our charter. We have strong representation with both state and national governments to lobby politicians on the benefits of direct practice. We will show the policy makers that the work we do is not just for those who can easily afford it, but must be made the standard and a viable choice for primary care everywhere. Primary care cannot be seen as purely transactional, but based on the relationships that promote trust and confidence between doctors and patients. This is ultimately the best way to lower costs, enhance quality, prevent medical errors and improve satisfaction.

An Expanded Research Database on Direct Practice

Another ACPP goal is to further expand the now-limited research database to document the qualities and benefits of direct practice. Though preliminary data is quite promising, it remains to be shown that models other than the one studied above are excellent, cost-effective models, as well. We intend to develop an objective research arm that should make this conclusion undeniable. No matter what your practice model, you will want to be part of this effort for your own good, for the good of the profession and for the health of our nation.

ACPP is the professional society for established, successfully functioning direct practices. We do not serve in any way as a conversion company. Credentialing will ensure that our members are properly board-certified physicians who are in good standing and whose practice income is derived primarily from direct membership payments rather than insurance-driven reimbursements. In so doing we will grow a thriving, visible market for individuals, employers, unions and perhaps government agencies seeking our services as our unique value becomes obvious to all.

We Are Well on Our Way

We have already taken several steps to begin the process. We recruited a national Steering Committee consisting of eight of the most experienced and active minds in the field dating back to its very beginnings. Their experience and passion for direct practice added focus and urgency to the priorities for this organization. After incorporating as a non-profit, ACPP hired an outstanding CEO, William Ross, whose decades of experience growing medical organizations and credentialing doctors for health plans makes him an invaluable asset as we build our organization.

I encourage you to join our efforts to establish an organization that will effectively address issues that are relevant to your direct practice. Get involved and assist our group so we can all benefit from your knowledge and experience. Please complete the enclosed application with the appropriate fees and start adding depth, breadth and accelerated growth to your already flourishing practice!

Thomas W. LaGrelius, MD, FAAFP
Chair, Steering Committee, ACPP

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