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Dear ACPP Members and Friends:

For the past several years, leaders of the ACPP board including myself, Marcy Zwelling and, more recently, Jeff Puglisi, have been working with Congress to create a viable replacement for Obamacare. We work with an organization called the National Physician's Council for Healthcare Policy. Dr. Zwelling founded the NPCHCP and is the co-chair. I am the family practice co-chair.

The leaders have been meeting twice a year in DC and regularly on the Internet to help craft the bill discussed below. NPCHCP actually has about 500 members and up to 90 visit DC for parts of our meetings. We are sponsored by Congressman Pete Sessions, chairman of the House Rules Committee, who is one of the co sponsors of the bill below along with Dr./Senator Bill Cassidy who is also involved.

We usually meet in Pete Sessions’ offices and in Congressional hearing rooms such as his House Rules Committee Hearing room. We also work with the House Republican Physicians Caucus. Tom Price, soon to be HSS Secretary, is a member of that caucus as was Cassidy before being elected to the Senate. John Goodman, who wrote the piece below, is also part of NPCHCP as an adviser.

We hope that our bill will become the bill that Congress coalesces around and the replacement program we finally get. Even if it is not the final bill, our work has greatly influenced the thought process going into repeal and replace. It is one of the many ways your ACPP leadership is working for you.

Tom LaGrelius, MD, FAAFP
President, ACPP
Co-Chair Family Practice NPCHCP

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